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Dedicated to the unique needs of compounding • Testing to USP and other certified standards • Modern state-of-the-art laboratory, cleanroom and instrumentation • All primary data stored in electronic format • Rapid Sterility Testing using the bioMerieux ScanRDI® Protocol • Potency to USP and equivalent protocols for accurate compositional analysis.

So that we can better meet your needs, if you have not sent a sample within the last six months, please call Eagle Analytical Services at 1.800.745.8916 prior to sending samples. If you have any questions regarding your samples, please call Eagle Analytical Services at 1.800.745.8916.

How to Send a Compounded Preparation To Eagle Analytical Services

1. See “Sample Size Required for Analysis” chart by clicking here

a. Note: Samples for sterility testing should be sent in the dispensing container.

b. Suspensions require a separate sample for microbiological and chemical tests.

c. Please send two (2) separate sample containers if requesting potency and microbiology analysis on the same sample.

2. Complete an Eagle “Sample Submission Form” for each sample

a. You can download this form in PDF format by clicking here, or call Eagle Analytical at 800.745.8916 to request a faxed copy.

b. Include a formula worksheet for all preparations requiring a chemical test.

c. Be sure to indicate any special handling requirements for your preparation.

3. Ship your preparation, suitably packaged, to Eagle Analytical.

a. We suggest that you use overnight shipping so that you can track your shipment.

b. For preparations that are temperature-sensitive, send in a cool-pack

c. Be sure to properly package to prevent leaking or breaking. Make sure all vials or syringes are capped securely.

d. Ship to:

Eagle Analytical Services
Attn: Sample Submission

9940 W. Sam Houston Pkwy S., Suite 310

Houston, TX 77099

Shipping for International Customers
Follow the directions as above, with these additions:

  • Clearly mark on the shipping documents: “PHARMACEUTICAL SAMPLE FOR ANALYSIS ONLY – NOT FOR HUMAN USE.”
  • Give the shipment a value of $10.00.
  • Ship to Eagle at the address above.
  • Send tracking number to

4. A laboratory report will be faxed to you immediately upon completion of each test that you have indicated. To view your results online you need to fill out the Client Registration form. Once your registration form is approved by Eagle within 2-3 business days, you will be able to review your results online with your username and password.

5. At the conclusion of all of your tests, Eagle will issue a final Laboratory Report and invoice you for the test.

For more information on how to submit your samples online please email or call 800.745.8916.

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