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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Identification

Infrared absorption spectrophotometric tests provide meaningful evidence of the identification of many active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). The measurement of the infrared absorption of the API in the fingerprint region of the spectrum (3800cm-1 to 700cm-1) can be compared to the known spectra of the API to confirm the identity of a sample. A match of the spectra leaves little doubt regarding the identity of the sample under examination.  

Eagle Analytical uses a sensitive fourier transform spectrometer (FTIR) with a diamond-attenuated total reflectance (ATR) sampling system to perform these measurements. The spectrum of the sample, obtained via the FTIR-ATR, is compared with a known spectrum obtained under similar conditions for a USP certified standard. If the sample and standard spectra absorption bands match, the sample passes the IR Identification test and is confirmed to be the material specified.  

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